National Priorities of the Republic of Belarus for Capacity Building Projects (Call for Proposals EAC/A04/2015) are:

CATEGORY A. Curriculum Development (Valid ONLY for Joint Projects)

Subject areas:

Teacher training and education science; Business and administration; Life science; Physical sciences; Computing; Architecture and construction; Agriculture, forestry and fishery; Health.

CATEGORY B. Improving quality of education and teaching

  • Bologna process (cycle system, credit transfer, Diploma supplement, etc.
  • Learning and teaching tools, methodologies and pedagogical approaches including learning outcomes and IST-based practices (inter alia, flexible learning paths, blended courses, virtual and real mobility, practical placements etc.)

CATEGORY C. Improving management and operation of higher education institutions

  • Governance, strategic planning and management of higher education institutions (including human resource and financial management)
  • Universities services such as support services for student and staff mobility, such as student counseling and guidance, social services, academic affairs, libraries, etc.
  • Internationalisation of higher education institutions (including recognition mechanisms and mobility, international relations capacities)
  • Quality assurance processes and mechanisms

CATEGORY D. Developing the Higher Education sector within society at large

  • Lifelong learning, continuing education in society at large
  • Knowledge triangle, innovation (reinforcing links between education, research and business)

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